A few words, as we start this blog, to explain what we – Laurent and I – would like to bring you with SLPV analytics. Our ambition can be summarised in three key words: expertise, transparency, actionability.

Expertise, first. We have a combined experience as researchers/teachers and as Account Directors in international companies. Laurent has a PhD in management sciences, I taught statistics and econometrics in various universities. Our statistical expertise spans from traditional statistics to data mining or machine learning, without any a priori or restriction. We are combining it with an intimate knowledge of the mechanisms of marketing – or CRM – actions’ efficiency.

Expertise goes hand in hand with transparency. At the onset of the Big Data era, there is a lot of confusion among leaders, who depend on an ever growing amount of data to make the right decision. We have no proprietary solution, no miraculous software – one more… -, no black box. All the methods we are using have been described in scientific papers and can be replicated without us. All our solutions are available on the market. Our Statpedia aims to clarify, explain, make simple what seems complicated. This where our value lies

And of course, all this would be meaningless without a permanent drive towards actionable solutions. Calculating the ROI is not restricted to your actions towards your clients. For more than 20 years, we have worked with international companies in different sectors, from FMCGs to energy and other industrial sectors. You will find here a few examples of what we can do.


Talk to you soon, on this blog or somewhere else.