Our mission

A growing amount of data

90% of the data currently available has been produced over the last two years (McKinsey, 2011).
Companies thus face a growing mountain of data, in all sorts of shape and origins: structured data from research, commercial, management or HR activities and unstructured data coming from social networks, call centres or operational teams.
But having large quantities of data does not necessarily translate into better decisions. How many costly CRM programs don’t live up to their promises? How many complex research projects have the operational team struggling to manage? How many ill-suited analytical methods hinder decision making instead of facilitating it?
Mastering all available data, structuring it and making sense of it is a major challenge. But it is also the pathway to better understand your clients’ needs, the efficiency of your marketing activities and the path towards profitable growth.

Our mission

To help you take the right decision, by exploiting all your available data in the best possible way; this is at the heart of what we do.
Independent and fully management owned, we are data intelligence experts. Our objective will always be to find the best answer to your business challenge: our statistical expertise is a way to better service your needs, not an end in itself.
We will work with you to have a full understanding of your business challenges, in order to find the best solution available. This is what will allow us to bring you actionable solutions that will help grow your business.
Our role will of course be to answer your questions and requests, but also to support you going forward: integrating other data, advice and support on follow up, or on connected challenges.

Supporting you when you need it

We can intervene early on (the way to find the best solution) or at the end (with simple and actionable recommendations stemming from the analytics), always with a key expertise: a deep knowledge and understanding of the most recent statistical methods. This allows us to propose the analytic angle that will be most suited to your challenges and your data, and therefore provide the most actionable recommendations.