Data Processing and Dissemination

Data Processing
Our goal: facilitate this essential data exploration phase. Our data processing activity starts before you even send us the data files. A short meeting beforehand will allow us to fully understand your needs, check that they are all catered for and understand how best to support you. We’ll discuss the questionnaire set up, the analysis method most suited to your needs and the type and quantity of data to gather. When it comes to the operational design of your project, we can help you choose the best solution.

We will adapt to your files, data formats and to your specific needs. With a strong market research agency experience, our team knows the diversity of possible requests and will deliver cross tables in the format best suited to you. Beyond the format, you will be able to choose the colours to highlight results, particularly statistical tests, or the font you want, so that the presentation of results can be integrated with your corporate identity.

Our checking procedures are fully transparent and can be provided upon request.

Key words for our data processing activity are proactive support, accuracy and graphic quality of the deliverables.
Dashboards - Data Visualisation
Disseminating your data to make it live in our organisation is key to your success. Highlighting what is important to the right people, facilitates the understanding of results. This is what we will help you to achieve.

Good graphic design can be the best way to navigate information overload and present information in an easy-to-understand way. There is a wealth of data visualisation solutions to choose from today - CognosTM, QlikViewTM, TableauTM QualtricsTM, plus ad hoc solutions.

We will adapt to you and your company, and not try to fit you into a particular solution. We will help you identify the key challenges you face and put aside what is less important, in order to find the best solution. We will work with you to set it up.

We do not use any proprietary solution: all our offer is based on available market products or standard languages.

We partner with data visualisation experts to help you set up static, simple and impactful dashboards, allowing better communication with your clients or your organisation. .