Our offer


Our training has only one objective: to improve the efficiency of your internal processes and increase the autonomy of your teams.

Les principes de notre offre de formation:

– We can either have a dedicated training just for your company or have trainees from different companies in the same session. The attendance is limited to 6.

– At the registration stage, a questionnaire is sent to each participant, in order to better understand their goals and expertise, so that we can have homogeneous groups,

-The training material is given to all participants at the beginning of the training,

-A CD with all the material is given to each participant at the end of the training,

-At the end of the training, a quiz is sent to all participants. The correct answers are then sent to the trainees who went through the quiz,

-An online course, available on our website, summarizes the main learnings of the training,

-A satisfaction questionnaire is sent to all participants.

Our training modules

- Design a quantitative survey
  • Sampling
  • Questionnaire
  • Quotas
  • Data collection mode
  • Weighting
  • Data restitution and visualisation
Explore the data
  • Mean,median,variance,…
  • Correlations
  • Weighting
  • Statistical tests, confidence intervals
Group and segment
  • Factorial analyses,
  • Clustering,
  • Latent class analyses
Analyse, forecast
  • Regressions : linear, logistic, PLS
  • Bayesian networks,
  • Discriminant analysis,
  • Decision trees, random forests,
  • Trade off